The most happening Durga Puja in South Bangalore has been assessed by the Maitree Bandhaan Sharod Samman team and has been awarded the best puja for AMBIENCE & PUJA MANAGEMENT. 

An unique blend of eastern and western cultures of India,
Dhakiya is Dandiya embellished with Dhak.
Aashche Bochhor Abar Hobe...

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KARBA has been lauded on how we manage large crowds and how we make it
a wholesome experience for all visitors, and make everyone feel welcome without any discrimination.
KARBA salutes all its members and patrons for their stupendous contribution to making us a such a success.

KARBA stands for KAnakpura Road Bengali Association, and it was initially formed to connect people practicing Bangla culture and living near Kanakpura Road. But right from the first year, we have received overwhelming support from everyone around. ARBA is about people. They are our ethos, our energy and our passion that results in such stupendous events. Our annual Durga Puja, called as AMADER PUJO is the most happening Durga Puja in South Bangalore not only due to our members and patrons, but also due to the great cultural interest shown by people living in & around Kanakpura Road.
Who are we?

A bunch of extremely enthusiastic friends, who are blessed with a boisterous association of great people. Yes, we all celebrate Bangla culture, and hence we have come together to celebrate the culture, the food and the bon-hommie of Bengal and areas around us. But we have also grown to adopt Karnataka as our home, and are doing our best to contribute to the cultural profile of Kanakpura Road.
What do we do?

We celebrate various events to continuously bring this vibrant community together through various cultural events like addas, picnics and pujas. These  include, the annual KARBA picnic, various addas, Saraswati Puja, Borsha Baran & Durga Puja. Our families spend time with each other throughout the year, planning for and executing these events with elan and great bonhommie.

What more?

We are blessed with a greater community formed of people from Kanakpura Road. Our sustainable development activities include hosting free community lunches for about a 100 destitute chidren who live around our Mandap. We also work very closely with the Jaragnahalli Public School and other than aid, we also provide them with a cultural platform to showcase their talent to the people of Kanakpura Road.
The Kanakpura Road Bengali Association
We get participation from all the major residential apartment complexes in South Bangalore, close to 7500 apartments in 30+ apartment complexes. Most of these people are High Networth Individuals, who stay in close proximity to our venue ….(NCC Urban, Maya lndraprashtha, Adarsh Niwas, HM Tambourine, Gopalan Temple Tree, Poorva Belmont,  Gopalan Jewels, Nandi Garden, Mantri Tranquil, Elita Promenade, Brigade  Gardenia,  Brigade   Millennium, Shobha Tulip, etc). Every year we see more & more participation as the KARBA juggernaut rolls ahead. We also get footfalls from traveling Bengalis. The Bangalore Puja Parikrama is deemed incomplete without a trip to AMADER PUJO.